Preparation of Garments


Our knitted garments are made of 100% cotton, with counts of 20/1, 24/1, 30/1 and 34/1, in combed rings with weights between 150 and 185 grams per garment, allowing you to have an excellent comfort to the end user, Elements such as T-shirts, Polo-type T-shirts, Shorts and Pajamas, which with the application of Nanotechnology, in processes as an antibacterial component, and always dry, allow them to be fresh garments, comfortable before any use, and that before the different inclement weather, be cool in the cool, comfortable in the heat and very thermal in the cold.

Waterproof jackets in antifluid and thermal. Made of 100% Polyester and 50/50 Polycotton Blend, lined in brioni or micro fleece, highlighting that the thermal jackets have a nanotechnology process, with an antibacterial component, preventing the formation of bacteria produced by body heat against inclement weather of time, used at heights above 2000 meters.

Padded or windbreaker jackets, we make this type of jacket that appears to be a single jacket, but according to its use there are three, that is; a migro fleec lined jacket, with removable sleeves, pilot collar, and reflective tape, perfect for Cold, Rainy or Snowy weather, but whose sleeves are removable, in hot enough moments, it can be converted into a micro fleece lined vest , but that due to movement and too much physical activity, due to work or other activities of the user, the internal forum (Vest in Micro Fleec) is removed, leaving with a spectacular and simple windbreaker jacket, used for warmth, comfortable with or without a hood, waist adjustments with drawstring, and nylon spiral zipper closures, which guarantees the garment in its entirety can be assembled in its original form by the user.

Pants and shirts in denim, 100%, in Cotton or blend, 60/40 poly-cotton, perfect for executives who deserve all the comfort, or failing that, 100% ribstop polyester, a highly resistant garment when it comes to heavy duty, 7-pocket cargo pants, with reflective tape, used in road construction, civil works and others.

Short or long sleeve shirts, men and women, in Cotton or blend, 60/40 poly-cotton, light and very soft poplin, with excellent finishes and drape, perfect for your most immediate collaborators.

As for sports garments, sweatshirts, sports uniforms, bicycle racks, etc., made of 100% polyester, with a garment weight of 132 grams, smart garments, with UV protection, always dry and with an Antimicrobial component. Sublimated designs, prints and embroidery, in the detail of the shorts, with a front zippered pocket, and an internal pocket also with velcro closure to store a mobile phone or keys.

Our company has stood out throughout these 15 years, in the elaboration of Garments for the Military Forces of Colombia (Army, Navy, Air Force and Police), Costa Rica and Panama, as well as in the elaboration of corresponding garments to veterans of the United States. Garments all made under military technical standards, which are previously evaluated and certified by an accredited certifying entity that guarantees that all the elements delivered to the different entities meet the specific and general technical requirements of the good acquired by force; in garments such as Camouflaged Uniforms, service jackets, service vests, baseball-type caps, goleanas, jungle-type hats, round neck t-shirts, desert type. White, Green type T, Pixelated T-shirts, military instruction T-shirt, short and long sleeve pajamas, thermal, Boxer Shorts, Sweatshirts, sports uniforms with socks for soldiers, combat boot socks, 4-piece raincoat with reflective tape, multipurpose vests , service overalls and pilot type, service shirts, with Neru Type collar, Thermal blanket for soldier, on tent, mat, Chaco Type caps, Kepis, among others.

we want to work for you and your company, sure you will have elements of excellent quality.

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